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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reality behind of making Google Adsence account very easily

Many people in India has says that they can make a adsence account any time when ever you needed. And also you don't need to have a personal website for this. It is true that they already make some adsense account in one night. 

But the problem is that type of adsense accounts are never be legal. Because Google is the best secure company all over the world, and they also have very strict AdSense program policies . All the application with a small fault has been rejected every time by Google team.

Google has decided to approve minimum adsence application in India and China because most of fake clicks and impression has been received by Google form here.And for that it is very heard to approve a Adsence account form India and China.

So, don't insert that type of Adsence Publication Id in your website other wise your website will be rejected for life time by Google Adsence team.

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