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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why Chitika is the best alternative of AdSense.

'Chitika' is one of the fastest growing ad network. It is not a contextual advertising network, 'Chitika' is serving ads by targeting search quarries of your web contents. 'Chitika' was founded in the year of 2003 in Hyderabad, India. But now it's headquarter in Westborough, MA, USA. In 2010 Yahoo! closed YPN and referred it's all publisher (YPN) to Chitika . 

Why 'Chitika' is the best alternative of AdSense?
  1. Easy to get, easy to use: Here is no such great requirement to approve your application. A simple website website will easily approved by 'Chitika'. Here is no need to wait for six month and no need to have much number of page view. You can start monetize from first week. It is also very easy to use. Just select your favorite banner or  size and get code for pasting your website.
  2. Maximum chance to get clicks: As 'Chitika' serve ads by targeting search quarries so, here is great chance to get clicks.
  3. Variety of ad types: You can choose three type of ads for your website in 'Chitika' (Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, Mobile Ads). That means you will make more and more revenue form here.
  4. Chitika Apps: Currently 'Chitika' launched three most useful application to optimize 'Chitika' ads in your site. There are a. Chitika Linx, b. Chitika Hover, c.  Chitika Highlight.
  5. Click-Through Rate: Chitika is also gives decent click-through rate. You will get $0.02 to $1 for a click. Per click cost is depends on search quarries, location and time.

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